Craft Room
I organized my craft room.  This will probably be the last room to get "decorated".  My goal with organizing this room was to make it  look like any office or sitting room.  I did not want shelves all the way around or plastic containers showing.  The bookshelf has fabric-covered 3-ring binders where I store craft flyers and magazines.
I am using antique suitcases to store my sewing items.  Each suitcase holds one category:
pressing equipment, handbag notions and patterns, baby fabric and patterns, fashion patterns, home dec patterns and stuffing.
Since we have such an awesome walk in closet, we did not need this dresser in our bedroom. The drawer above is my favorit part of this organization. I can see each fabric without digging through the drawer like a cat in a litter box! I also don't have these fabric falling over on a shlef. The drawers to the right show how I organized the rulers, tools, lining, buttons, and interfacing.
Here in the closet, I am storing fabric that is too large for the drawers, my works in progress, gift wrappping stuff, all my painting supplies, findings, trims, and kids crafts.
Decorative Details
The kitchen in our previous house had my Norman Rockwell collection. Kevin does not love it as much as I do, so it got banned to my craft room.